unique brand xperiences

Xpoma is pioneering brand experience in a post-pandemic world. We handle everything from identifying key brand experience touchpoints to planning and delivering the final result.

The traditional approach to building brand experience has evolved into a new one.

Building authentic brand experiences has been our craft for several decades. Over the past year, we have observed that relevant brand touchpoints have broadened. Customers are now more conscious about what they buy and from whom. Therefore, brand trust and loyalty are now no longer just about making the right product at the right price but also about being authentic and purposeful, whether it be in how you promote diversity, live corporate social responsibility, or drive sustainability. In order to get customers votes, you must get real about where you stand.

Furthermore, the pandemic that has swept across the world has redefined the priority and scope of both physical and virtual touchpoints that enable customers to interact with brands. Yes, some may see this as a problem, but we know that every problem comes with a solution and that is where we come in.

We have seen that the events industry came to a virtual standstill this past year.

Just as companies found new ways of doing business digitally, brands were quick to respond by shifting strategies to a virtual world, using technology to engage our lives in ways that have never been seen before. This is a digital journey that will continue for a long time.

Therefore, it is more important than ever that you find the right balance of virtual, physical or even hybrid spaces for your customers to experience and interact with your brand. The nature of your content and how you deliver it to your customers to safeguard a seamless and consistent brand experience will be the key to success.

We deliver unique brand xperiences

If 2020 was all about digital disruption, 2021and beyond will be all about seizing the opportunities. At Xpoma, we did not sit still but worked tirelessly to get the essentials right and build a solid foundation to exploit the possibilities of the new post-pandemic reality. We developed solid strategic frameworks, partnerships and agency capabilities to drive your success in creating virtual and hybrid experiences for your brand.

Take this opportunity to earn new relevance and to thrive in this (new) world. By partnering up with Xpoma, your brand will connect with your audience in a meaningful way because we have listened, listened, and listened even more to what the customers want. You can remind customers how your brand has been by their side during the pandemic and for a long time before. But what they want, and what we all want, is to move forward. And we will make your business and brand grow in the right direction.

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So, how do we approach brand xperience?

01. Analyse

In close collaboration with you, we will use your business and brand specific insights and data to develop a customized strategy for you. We will work to refine by analyzing the data and listening to your customer voices. With this information, we can create more personalized compelling stories that will attract your target audience, no matter where they are.

02. Advise

Using this aligned strategy and insights we will create compelling, engaging, and effective narratives for your brand both physical and digital. Our talented team will shape your brand and develop a strategy that aligns with your goals.

03. Plan

We will start looking at different kinds of challenges your business could face, and then create a tailored structure that will increase your brand effectiveness.

04. Execute

Once we emerge from the pandemic, a more personal local approach will be prized by customers. Whether content, platforms, pop-ups, retail activation, or something else, our team will provide the tools for growing your brand’s presence and visibility.

05. Produce:

Once we have identified the right content and delivery platform, whether physical or digital, our experts will create an experience tailored to your brand. We can do live and face-to-face activations, but sometimes that’s not an option. We will produce compelling content and authentic stories that fit your company.

06. We show up, we deliver:

To re-create an event virtually is easy, but our work does not end there! We are here to work with you on a strategy that aligns with your goals by offering a talented technical team, digital tools, choosing the right hosts of live-streaming platforms, and much more.

07. We do post-event analysis:

The show might be done, but the work must go on. Our team will create a plan for analyzing the data after the event and listening to what the people have to say. By doing this we’re able to refine and improve the content for the future.